Emergence. Spotlight, Brilliance, Flight



Acrylic on Canvas. 2018

In the animal kingdom,the strong rule the weak. One wouldn’t be wrong to assert this unsavory fact as the reason man has been in the way of woman, denying her access to opportunity, resources and even education for years. Thankfully, humans unlike typical animals are also intelligent and driven creatures who may cower at times, but don’t always back down from a fight. Thanks to the undying efforts of women and some men over the years to fight for female equality in all spheres of life, there has never been a better time to be a woman. History will look back on our time and name it the age of woman. This is not to say that we are totally out of the woods yet, but significant strides are being made in this regard.

Perhaps this could serve as a teachable moment to minorities and the oppressed everywhere. Never back down. Never accept the status quo. progress never comes without a fight and oftentimes, there will be blood. This has been the case all through human history. This is the story of us.


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